France Digitale Days 2014

Eric Carreel (CEO, Withings) and Romain Lacombe (Head of Innovation and Development of Etalab) are interviewed by Emanuele Levi (Partner, 360 Capital Partners) about the impact of digital technologies and data on health.


Democracy in the Age of Data — TEDxFulbright, Washington DC, April 5th 2014


Industries, Politiques, Design : Les Enjeux de l’Age des Données

J’intervenais hier matin dans le cadre du Master “Innovation by Design" à l’Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Création Industrielle (ENSCI - Les Ateliers).

Voici mon support de présentation sur les enjeux industriels, politiques et de design à l’âge des données. Merci pour cet accueil très sympathique !

Industries, Politiques & Design : Les Enjeux de l’Age des Données by rlacombe

La Démocratie dans l’Economie des Données (Les Ernest 2014)

J’ai eu le plaisir ce samedi d’être invité pour la 5ème édition des Ernest, une série d’interventions organisée par les élèves de Normale Sup intitulées '15 minutes pour changer notre vision du monde'. Voici le support de la présentation que j’ai donnée sur la démocratie dans l’économie des données.

Les Ernest 2014 : La Démocratie dans l’Economie des Données by rlacombe

Open Data & Resilience – My talk at Stanford

I was invited to comment on how Open Data could strengthen the resilience of our societies during a conference at the Stanford School of Engineering this past November. Here are the slides I used to support my talk. I also gave a joint interview with Dr Jonathan Reichenthal, CTO of the City of Palo Alto (it starts at 8:20).

Open Data and Resilience - Presentation at Stanford School of Engineering by rlacombe

French Prime Minister releases G8 Open Data charter Action Plan for France

The French Prime Minister just released an Action Plan for France to implement the commitments laid out in the G8 Open Data Charter, which was adopted on June 18th, 2013 at the Lough Erne Summit by the chiefs of State and Government of the G8 Member States to mark our collective commitment to open economies, open societies and open governments as the basis of lasting growth and stability.

The Government’s commitment to transparency and Open Data stems from a long republican and democratic tradition in France. Article 15 of the Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen of 26 August 1789 states that “Society has the right to require of every public agent an account of its administration.

The development of Open Data policy in France, starting in 2011 with the creation of the Prime Minister’s taskforce Etalab ( for Open Governement Data, marked a resolute commitment to foster innovation, economic growth and government reform in addition to this long-standing commitment to transparency.

This Action Plan for France summarizes the context of Open Government Policy in our country and presents the main priorities for further development to which the French government is committing:

  • Progressing towards publishing data openly by default
  • Building an open platform to encourage innovation and transparency
  • Developing Open Data policy in consultation with citizens and civil society
  • Supporting open innovation in France and throughout the world

Download the action plan (released under the French Government’s “Open Licence”):

Open Health Data in France: my presentation at the #OGP13 Summit

As part of the French delegation to the Open Government Parntership Summit in London on October 31st and November 1st, 2013, I’ve been invited to present the French policy on access to health data during the “Transparency & Healthcare: Shifting Power" session on day 1.

OGP Summit 2013: Open Health Data in France by rlacombe

Data Is Democracy, Openness Is Sovereignty: my keynote at the Open World Forum 2013

As most of us working, thinking and acting at the intersection of technology and policy have come to realize—to borrow a sentence from Lawrence Lessig: “code is law, and architecture is politics”.

The choices we form around how we govern data—access to information, privacy protection, smart disclosures etc.—will shape the future of our democracies.

But ensuring these choices reflect the common values we share hinges not only on an informed public discussion of these complex questions, but also on our ability to enforce them.

Our capacity to invent the future platforms where these choices will be expressed—in health, personal genomics, transportation, smart cities—and our collective capacity to innovate is of the essence for our nations to reclaim their ability to shape our future around democratically legitimate choices of data governance.

Open Governement Data policies, which empower innovators to develop these platforms on our own terms, emerge not only as an expectation of transparency that the 21st century citizenry has come to form, but as a question of sovereignty.

I was honored to be invited to give a closing keynote at the Open World Forum 2013 in Paris yesterday, where I shared the stage with Rand Hindi of :SNIPS and Rayna Stamboliyska of OKFN France.

Here are my slides on “Open Data as Sovereignty”.

Open Data As Sovereignty — Open World Forum 2013 closing keynote by rlacombe

Just tested Google Glass. I have peeked through the future. (at Google France)